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Coffee Stirrer (wooden)

Cup Holder

Tea Bag

***Drop-off unavailable at this location. Compostable products can be dropped off on the dish belts at The Shore and Wagoner Hall.

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Straw Wrapper (paper)

White Paper Bag

Coffee Stirrer Wrapper (paper)

Sugar Packets

Salt/Pepper Packets

Coffee Sleeve (paper)

Aluminum Drink Can

Plastic Drink Bottle

Cold Coffee Cup & Lids

Hot Coffee Cups

K-cup Box 

Individual K-Cup 

Tea-bag Box 

Bread Box

Box O' Joe Container

Sample Cup 

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Plastic Straw 

Whole Bean Coffee Bag

Condiment Packaging 

Muffin Wrapper

Egg Bite Tray

Munchkin/Donut Box 

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