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A new way to-go!

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everything you need to know to get to-go


Why are we implementing this program?

Wagoner and Shore Dining Halls are committed to maintaining their status as Zero Waste Facilities. Covid-19 brought us many challenges, which we quickly adapted to overcome, including the disposable Wagoner To-Go program. The UNCW Sustainability Office and Campus Dining Sustainability saw this as an opportunity to pilot a new, sustainable option that is accessible to all students at both dining halls. Keeping the convenience and agency of a traditional to-go program but leaving the waste behind.


How do I get a green box?

You can receive a green-to-go box upon request from the cashier at both Wagoner and Shore Dining Halls.


Where can I use my box?

Boxes can be picked up and returned at Wagoner and Shore Dining Halls. Once you have your box filled with your meal, you can take your box anywhere you like!


I don't have a dishwasher; can I still participate in the program?

Absolutely! Boxes need to be returned empty of food debris, but do not need to be washed. Once returned, used boxes will be processed through our commercial dishwasher.


Who is eligible to participate in the program?

All Wagoner and Shore guests with a One Card are eligible to participate in the program. This includes students, faculty, and staff.


Once I have finished using my box, what do I do?

When you are ready to return your box, please empty it of all food debris and bring it to the cashier at the front of Shore or Wagoner Dining Halls.


Then you have three options:
- Return your empty box
- Exchange your empty box for a new, clean box to take another meal to go same day

- If you forgot your box and would like to take out another ask the cashier for a second to-go box 


*One Card Holders will only be allowed to have a maximum of two boxes out at any given time*


What if I lose or break my box?

Our goal is 100% return of all boxes, even if they are broken. Campus Dining, UNCW Sustainability, and UNCW Recycling Services have worked together to ensure all boxes can be reused in circulation or recycled. Broken boxes are eligible for equal exchange of a clean new box.


Why do we have to return the boxes?

Like library books, reusable to go boxes are for all students to enjoy, the circulation of boxes is maintained by funding through the UNCW Sustainability Office and Campus Dining. Keeping boxes in circulation by returning helps ensure this program can be enjoyed by future Seahawks for years to come!

Any boxes left checked out by the end of the semester are subject to a $3.00 fine through Student Accounts

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