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Waste Diversion on Campus

UNCW Campus Dining follows the Food Recovery Hierarchy developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
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Source Reduction

Culinary innovation, inventory tracking, and menu optimization ensure minimal surplus food generation.


Feed Hungry People

Surplus food that is suitable for human consumption is donated to local houseless shelters such as the Good Shepherd Center.


Feed Hungry Animals

Products that are not suitable for human consumption are sometimes still suitable for animals. Our feathery friends over at the SkyWatch Bird Rescue love sushi and deli meats!


Industrial Uses

All used fryer oil on campus  is collected, process, and recycled to generate biodiesel.



All pre-consumer food waste from Wagoner Dining Hall, The Shore Dining Hall, and Dub's Café is composted.

All post consumer food waste from Wagoner and The Shore is also composted.


Landfill / Incineration

This is the least preferred option for food waste. The only products sent to the landfill are those utilized in buildings without waste management infrastructure.

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