Fair Trade

Fair Trade is the simple idea that things that we purchase are connected to the livelihoods of the producers; and how those purchases should be conducted in an equitable and fair way, not just to the benefit of the producer, but the consumer and planet, as well.

What does Fair Trade do?

Fair Trade sets a minimum price that is received by producers of fair trade certified products. This ensures that these farmers have the resources to stay out of poverty, conduct their work in an environmentally friendly way, stay safe on the job, and reinvest in their communities. 

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Fair Trade Campaign at UNCW

UNCW is home to its own Fair Trade Campaign with Fair Trade Campaigns USA. With only one more step, passing a fair trade resolution in support of fair trade, can UNCW become a fair trade campus! UNCW has already expanded its fair trade certified products available for purchase on campus, and hosts numerous fair trade events each semester. See some fair trade event examples below! 

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Learn S'mores Events

Listen for news about these upcoming events where we sit around the campfire and use fair-trade chocolates to make some s'mores and learn about fair trade!

Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate


UNCW Campus Dining hosts multiple Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate Pop-ups during the semester. Come by to sample fair trade certified coffee and chocolates, and learn more about how fair trade leads to a healthier humanity and planet!

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